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The Staff of Lowry Medical Clinic is comprised of a team of thoroughly trained, compassionate healthcare professionals – led by Dr. Slater Lowry, a Mayo Clinic trained physician.

The most effective tool that we utilize to help our patients is our diagnostic skill set – The ability to quickly and accurately figure out what is bothering you, and develop a course of treatment designed to make you feel better. No one is better at diagnosing a person’s condition than Dr. Slater Lowry, a Mayo Clinic-trained physician with over 30 years’ experience.

That’s also why we maintain a full range of services, as well as EKG and X-Ray equipment – so that we can determine your course of treatment without having to send you to multiple facilities.

We Care - That’s why we do what we do.

Dr. Slater B. Lowry, MD

About Dr. Lowry 

Slater B. Lowry, MD received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) and graduated from the University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Medicine. He then completed a two-year residency in Internal Medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans (affiliated hospitals include world-famous Charity Hospital). Dr. Lowry also completed a two-year program in Internal Medicine and Anatomic & Surgical Pathology at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

As a result of this world-class training, as well as his unparalleled commitment to his patients, Dr. Lowry’s diagnostic skills are second to none.

Dr. Lowry completed three years of active service as an officer in the US Army Medical Corps, where he served in emergency rooms and clinics, and spent a three-month tour in the harsh Mojave Desert.

Dr. Lowry is a member of the American Medical Association and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. He is currently licensed, in good standing, to practice medicine in both Mississippi and Alabama.

Dr. Lowry saw his first patient at Lowry Medical Clinic in January of 2001.

Among his interests are many different musical genres (Dr. Lowry plays piano), travel (he has been to six of the seven continents), and working on his beloved farm 15 miles outside of Columbus. He always roots for all Mississippi teams but his loyalties lie with the Crimson Tide and University of Alabama. He is a huge animal lover and has had as many as 11 dogs at one time on his farm.

He is originally from Montgomery, Ala. but has now lived in the Golden Triangle area for over 20 years.


  1. Undergraduate Studies: The University of Alabama, Major: Chemistry and Biology. Minor: English literature

  2. 2) Graduate Studies: Completed Medical School at The University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB)-4years. Received DEUSCHLE AWARD for outstanding Community Medicine performance.

  3. Postgraduate Studies: Internship: Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals, Charity Hospital.

  4. Postgraduate Studies: Residency at Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals, Charity Hospital.

  5. Active-Duty, Captain, United States Army, 3 years ACTIVE DUTY, 12 years Reserve Corps. Received Army Commendation Medal

  6. Postgraduate Studies: The Mayo Clinic ( Ranked #1 in the United States at that time by US News and World Report ) Internal Medicine, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Published paper, “Inhibition of Phosphoinositide Phospholipase Compounds by U-73122 and D-609”-The Journal of Internal Cellular Pharmacology.

  7. Began Private practice at Lowry Medical Clinic (CEO/ 100% Owner) in 2001. Has been in practice as the exclusive owner of LMC from that date forward. Diagnosed second case of the ZIKA Virus in the State of Mississippi during the outbreak several years ago. Voted Among the Best Family Physicians in the USA, 2015. Voted “Best Doctor” multiple times by The Commercial Dispatch.


Received the Letter of Commendation for Excellence in Pathology (Mayo Clinic); Received the Letter of Commendation for Outstanding Performance in Community Internal Medicine (Mayo Clinic); Elected to Office of Social Chair for Fellows Association (Mayo Clinic); Received the Army Commendation Medal for Outstanding Performance in the Department of Primary Care and Community Medicine (United States Army, ACTIVE DUTY ); Received the Deuschle Award for Outstanding performance Community Medicine (The University of Alabama, Birmingham [UAB] ); Successfully passed parts 1 and II of National Board of Medical Examiners; Successfully passed the FLEX Examination for Medical Licensure; Elected to the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honorary (The University of Alabama); Elected to the Delta Phi English Honorary (The University of Alabama); Dean’s List (The University of Alabama-Major: Biology /Chemistry; Minor: English Literature ); Awarded Full Tuition Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement (U.S. Army) for Undergraduate Studies.


Addressed 4,000 young people on Preventative Health Issues in Nashville , Tennessee, April ’91. Volunteered in Blood Pressure Screening Detection Drives, Red Cross and Laboratory Assistant at the VA Hospital (The University of Alabama); Volunteer Work for the Olmsted County Historical Society Rochester, Minnesota-The Mayo Clinic)


The America Society of Internal Medicine

The Zumbro Valley Medical Society (Mayo Clinic)

The American Medical Association

Active Medical Licensure: Alabama, Mississippi (Formerly in Minnesota and Louisiana but does not reside in those States anymore)

The American Chemical Society (The University of Alabama)

The Biological Society (The University of Alabama)

Mississippi Medical Association

Alumnus: Mayo Clinic, The University of Alabama, UAB, Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals


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